Working Back To Quintessence.

Don’t get too excited. This is a money related rehab!

Day Three

There is no day one or two. They were just too awful. I think I’m over the worst, mentally. Fatigue is now my enemy. It’s currently 8am and I’m on the Bakerloo heading to Paddington. I’ve been working in Stowbridge the last couple of days. It was a two hour drive. That’s 8 hours of driving in total. “The Bouch” brought a couple of numbers for the journey home yesterday. We had 2, quality, hours of loud music. The rest of the driving was awful.

I always say, if I won the lottery, I’d get a chauffeur. I don’t care what car I have, as long as its comfortable in the back and I’m not driving it!

I’m hoping that the work here today wont be too tedious. I think it’s just a bit of network patching.

I had a nice icy bottle of Peroni at lunch. It took the edge off. Some mandy or sulphate would go down a treat. I’ll think about it. I’ve a little work tomorrow but not until lunchtime. That gives me about 22 hours to, shall we say, exorcise the demons.

Day Six

Massive fail. Fail. Fail. Fail. No money. No life. Fucked everything up!

Start again?……..

I wish I was dead.

Day Seven

I grabbed an extra job this morning in Paddington. Later I’m working in Abingdon, near Oxford. My mood is still the same. I’ll get paid tomorrow and we have a new job starting next week. I could do with a bit of normality.

I keep having horrendous migraines.

Day Eight

It’s not day eight. I failed miserably last week. Worthless and shirty. That’s how I feel. Another evening job today.

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