The Narcissist Report. W/E: 30/09/18

I think it’s best to start with the positives.

I’ve paid my £1200 tax bill. It has left me without a pot to pass in but it’s paid. I even managed to do it without selling any guitars which is an absolute bonus. I’ll tighten my belt and bolster the coming week with some sulphate if need be. If I manage not to borrow any money until I get paid again, I’ll definitely be back in the black.

That was the only positive.

I’m still unable to process the information about my niece. Just to add to that, Big Gay Jay’s nan died on Thursday.

I rang my brother. Heart wrenching. He’s broken. And, there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Tough Times.

I have tried to keep myself busy though. Doing the pointless shit that I do. Everything seems pointless this week though, as you can imagine.

And I’m just colouring this:

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