The Friendship That Bound Us Together.

Here we go again. Another Monday. Sitting in Wetherspoons, drinking Guinness whilst waiting for a price to sell my Nikon. Yep. Times were so tough, but not as tough as they are now.

As in other times of hardship, I’ve been well and truly fairweathered. That’s people for you. I’m not angry. Just a bit hurt. I should blame myself. When you have an absolute shit storm of a life like mine, you can’t blame people for slowly disappearing. Calls and texts go from daily to weekly. Weekly to monthly. Then, one day there is no way of starting a dialogue again.

That said, I’ve always felt alone. I was with my ex for 20 years but still felt alone. The saying goes, “You are born alone and you die alone”.

I spent Saturday night with a few old faces. This is more than likely the reason this has all come to mind. The more I spoke, the more pointless it all seemed.

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