As I Hesitated, Time Rushed Onwards Without Me.

The last 2 days, jesus. Man-flu. So called because you have to be a real man to get through it(yeah, right!?!). Anyway, I feel better but not enough to realise I got on the slow train to Waterloo this morning.

Also, it feels like my other sickness(depression) is slowly passing. I’m feeling pretty upbeat.

It was still a miserable old day as far as the weather goes though. That wet rain. And the site in Old Street is still a shithole. Not enough to dampen my mood, but bad enough. Illustrated here, by the faces of the contractors in the tea room.

There ain’t nobody smilin’ in ‘ere.

Are you sure?

It didn’t stop me from eating this:

I know I said I wasn’t buying fry ups anymore but I was too ill to make sandwiches yesterday.

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