They promise Us The Earth, Instead We’ve Got The Great Depression.

Another day.

I awoke to the arguing of my parents. Yesterday my mother insisted I keep her TV, and have the room she has been sleeping in because of her bad hip.

“I don’t like to disturb your dad as I’m always tossing and turning”.

The argument was about how she didn’t sleep and she hasn’t got a TV. I despair sometimes.

So, instead of trying to empty the boxes and bags I had to go out and buy a TV. I also went and bought various snacks and drinks for me and L-Bobs so we can avoid the dreaded, “USING THE KITCHEN AFTER DINNER TIME!” issue. When you have dinner at 5pm on the dot, you tend to get a bit peckish later.

Olds!?!…….or is it plain insanity? I dunno.

I got back, thinking I’d be able to spend the rest of the day sorting everything out…….no. My dad decided, that even though he drove to the hospital yesterday, that I would drive him.

Several hours later and I’m at home. I’ve managed to put my clothes away, give my mum her TV back, score some weed and drink a MASSIVE gin. I’m shattered.

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