Readily Deadly demption 2

It is definitely burning up a lot of hours, that’s for sure! On the upside, I’m riding 100’s of horses. shooting men, women, children and pets for no reason. Hunting, cooking and eating every animal known to man.

Getting drunk, having fights, blowing things up………then, ultimately, much more killing.

Jesus, I wish Westworld was real.

It lacks drugs and sex but I’m only 25% in!

It still boils down to the addiction of wanting better guns. Better skills. Better clothes……………?!

Yep. On Sunday, I spent 4 hours riding everywhere I could on the map. Just to find the town, that had the clothes shop, that I could buy myself a flatcap in.

Good times..

All without doing much more, than moving your fingers(in my case, also trying to juggle a few gins, Coronas, joints, speed and cheeseballs……mmm! cheeseballs).

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