Working on a Saturday when the money is all spent. At least I’m out of that room!

My achievements over the last couple of days include one and a half crap songs and half a website. Top that with a load of self pity and suicidal thoughts then you have the whole picture.

Yet again, the Slough job has been delayed. Fuck knows what we have next week. I know of 2 jobs that need doing but I don’t even have the money to get there. Fucking desperate times.

I feel like the guy in the “Just” video by Radiohead.

Or, at least, the effect I would have on anyone I talk to.

What can I say, I’m knee deep in sludge. It’ll be fine providing I can keep it that way. If it reaches my chin I’ll start to panic.


This is the first positive of the day(god knows I need some!), I’m on the Reading train home. Every job should be 2 hours long but I’ll take anything.

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