All I can say is, my guv’nors website is coming on nicely. All this means is I still don’t have any work. What a fantastic time to be without work. Leading up to Christmas with 6 maxed-out credit cards and endless bills to pay.

My boss is keeping me afloat with regular payments to cover the bare minimum. Booze has been at a bare minimum and I’ve forgotten what drugs even look like!

Don’t worry though. My dad has successfully kept me with diarrhoea since I moved back in here.

Thinking you can cook just because you spent your whole life telling chef’s what to do is one thing but scraping mould off bread says you don’t have a fucking clue. Alright. It’s not all bad, but still!

On a lighter note, here is a picture of me after I killed a load of clansmen. Truthfully, Red Dead 2 is the only thing that has got me through the last couple of weeks.

I know Al. Me too!

Happy Last minute amendment:


An actual full time job has come up. Watch this space.(positive……)

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