I’m On Top Of The World That You Heard Of.

Thursday, 22nd November 2018


I am standing on the balcony, off my bedroom. It’s pouring with rain. I’m smoking a cigarette.

Why? You may ask.

I’ve no idea. I felt unusual. I needed to be be outside.

It smells fantastic. It’s one of my favourite smells. The river. The night. The rain.

Love, reign o’er me……. How perfect.

All credit card minimums paid. I took my dad to Lidl(it made him happy!), and I applied for a full time job.

Friday, 23rd November 2018


I took Louis to school this morning as he woke up late and didn’t have the hour he needs to do his hair. Oh the memories. Of both having hair and having to do it.

Nothing has changed but I just feel a little bit more positive this morning. Even the standing room only isn’t pissing me off that much.

I’ve heard fuck all about that permanent job though.

“I’m on my way, but I don’t know where I’m going.” – Paul Simon.


I consulted my Bradshaw and took the Bakerloo to Piccadilly. I have a couple of hours work in St.James.

I really think I need a shave though.


It must be getting close to Christmas because Piccadilly is brimming with cunts. Even more than usual. Luckily, I’m done and heading in the opposite direction. All I have to do now is collect the school trip permission letter that Louis left at home, drop it off……, and that’s the day done. Well, apart from that shave. I feel like I have ants on my face!

Fuck. I haven’t timed this right. There is only one thing for it……..


All goals achieved.


Dropped off the letter to school.

Stocked up my fridge.

(Yep. It’s just booze and gherkins! What more does a growing boy need?)

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