The End Of A 12 Day Week

All the short skirts and t-shirts have gone. Replaced with hoodys and leggings. The warm morning air now cold and damp, stinging my nose as I breath deep.My first push for a better life has revealed more changes than just …


No Welcome To The Disease (disjointed observations)

Up. Down.  Left. Right. Down…Up again! I can’t see it ending, never ending. That constant bi-polar adventure that we are all travelling. Yes, all of us. Pretend all you like that you are better than them. You are probably worst of …

What We Do To Get By

I’m sure everyone has a different way of coping. Apart from tears and laughter, mine is always music.

Changing Views And Forthcoming Adventures.

It’s hard to reconcile.  As the fogs start to clear slowly, from my recent, confused state I can begin to piece together the various snippets I can remember. I can remember endless, tiny glasses of tequila, delicately sipped. Texts and …

Monday By The Jam

Rainclouds came and stole my thunder  Left me barren like a desert But a sunshine girl like you It’s worth going through  I will never be embarrassed about love again  Tortured winds that blew me over  When I start to …

Working For A Dream

Early Saturday. Early enough to smell the happiness and drinking of the world’s Friday night release.  Focus. Must stay focused on what’s important. Don’t think of her. Just sit up straight, stare at the catch that holds the tray, on …


As you sit, stagnating, the grey world blurs past the window of the early morning train. Your mind floats from thoughts of joy to the unbearable loss. Can this really be all there is left?

Starting Again

It’s hard starting again. Even with a plan.  Full of doubt and fear.  The goal is clear but until the first few weeks move on, it’s hard to determine how long it will take to achieve.


Tales Of Pain, Anger And Redemption no. 1

As your brain twists and curls, it makes its way through a long, black night of cascading emotion. Your body shudders, not because of cold or fear but because of the unforgiving realisation. You light, what feels like, the fiftieth cigarette of the night and you let the evil warmth, fill your blackened lungs.Then, you walk to the balcony …

Inner Self

What I always like to say is, “know your Inner Self”

Up All Night

I am currently writing a song with the same title as this post. Strangely, I was up all last night but for other, more painful and personal reasons.  Life can be a painful and cruel mistress. As I approach my …

Crowded Tube

There is something truly special about standing on a crowded tube, listening to music loud on your headphones and all of a sudden “Breathe” by Prodigy shuffles on.